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The Blocker is an extremely tough door stop that is designed specifically for secure (detention) facilities with heavy swinging doors. Typical door stops are not designed to handle the abuse that large doors can and often do exert. The Blocker is the solution for this problem because it is designed from shock absorbing high density plastic. It will withstand the constant abuse of doors slamming against it, saving on handle deformation and wall damage.




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Conventional door stops can easily be deformed by heavy doors striking them, often causing them to break apart and possibly being used as a weapon. The Blocker has been extensively tested to ensure that it cannot be removed from the wall. It is nearly impossible to grip, thanks to the tapered sides, rounded corners and smooth finish. In the unlikely event that an inmate gets the Blocker to turn on the wall, the thread locking agent added to the bolt will reduce the chance of the bolt unthreading. Utilizing Torx security bolts and thread locking compound, renders it nearly non removable when mounted using our installation procedure and components.



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A Typical Door Stop


The Blocker is designed to be very hard to remove from the wall by inmates, for this reason the installation procedure is very important.

Once the location for the door stop has been determined by the installer, a 1/2" hole must be drilled in the concrete wall.  Everything else required for installation is included in the Blocker starter kit.

The recommended anchor for the hole requires a setting tool to seat it in the wall.  This setting tool adds considerably to the starter kit cost.  However, this tool is industrial strength and will install hundreds of anchors.

Once the anchor is installed, thread locker is added to the security bolt and the Blocker is installed snug against the wall.



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